Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Safer World?

With the death of Osama bin Laden there is much debate about whether or not the world is a safer place. Some argue that bin Laden's death will help to curb terrorist attacks. Others disagree with the idea that killing bin Laden will mean fewer terrorist attacks.

Read the New York Times article by clicking the link below:

Obama Calls World ‘Safer’ After Pakistan Raid

Then post a brief response to the question above. You may also want to discuss the following questions:

Is the world safer after the killing of Osama bin Laden?
Was the killing of bin Laden justified?
How are German and US responses to terrorism different/similar?

As you are posting your blog comment please make sure that your thoughts are well developed, reasonable, rational, and make frequent references to the New York Times article.


  1. The death of Osama will urge small, unorganized terrorist groups to attack America, but there wont be any serious threats. His death may also trigger a revolution amongst the civilians to help foreign troops make the country better.

  2. The death of Osama is a great victory, but that does not mean that we are immune to terrorist attacks and threats. We still need to try and stop terrorism completely and take out all of Al Qaeda. The killing of bin Laden is justified because of what he has done to us.

  3. The world can't just all of a sudden turn safe because one man is gone, but because of his death we are on our way to having a safer world without any terrorism. We still have a long battle with terrorism, especially now if followers of Osama want to seek revenge of America for the killing of their leader. I think that is why they didn't bury him, just like the article said, so his followers couldn't make a shrine out of it. Why would people want to celebrate a man who killed thousands of people? I think they are smart for burying him at sea so then nobody can dig up the body and worship him.
    There is a lot of controversy over if the killing of Osama was justified. I don't like the idea of anyone being killed, but I know that the Navy Seals didn't go there with the only mission to kill. Their mission was to capture the high target in the building, but it turned into a gun battle when the men in the building attacked. Mr. Brennen said that if they had the chance they would have taken him alive, but they weren't able to do that. I say though he is gone so lets just move on and move forward with the battle to end terrorism.

  4. Osama Bin Laden's death was unavoidable. Wanted by multiple countries and being a high priority target, his capture, by any means, was necessary. His unwillingness to be captured ultimately led to his death. According to the New York Times article Bin Laden and several of his followers engaged in a 40 minute firefight with U.S. commandoes. I believe that Bin Laden's death was needed. However, although the actions taken were needed, i am concerned about the retaliation that may occur by still present Al Qaeda members. I think the world is a safer place however, the world needs to be aware of the chance of retaliation of terrorist groups in the near future.